Guns and babies dominate testimony and rallies Tuesday at State Capitol

It was a busy day Tuesday at the State Capitol as hundreds of people came to tell lawmakers their views on two very passionate issues – guns and babies. John Sattgast reports from Olympia.

 Radio Report Transcript

SATTGAST: In the cold, early morning darkness, people lined up outside the House Civil Rights and Judiciary Committee to testify on a series of gun bills. The Democratic-sponsored proposals would limit the capacity of gun magazines, require background checks on ammunition purchases, and mandate training for those holding concealed weapons permits.

The committee room filled with gun owners and those who have been victims of gun violence. Among the opposition was Autumn Bennett, a concerned citizen.

BENNETT: “If the good people are disarmed, then we only have the bad guys with guns, and no measure of legislation is going to make crimes more illegal.”

SATTGAST: Aberdeen Republican Representative Jim Walsh is a vocal critic of the gun bills . . .

WALSH: “They're all bad. And they're all questionable constitutionality. But that doesn't seem to stop the partisans and special interests who are pushing these things.”

SATTGAST: The committee has yet to act on the measures. Meantime, as the gun hearings were wrapping up, across the street on the Capitol steps, hundreds of people gathered in the pouring rain for the annual March for Life Rally, to protest the practice and legality of abortion. Sixth District Republican Representative Jenny Graham of Spokane was among them.

GRAHAM: “But I'm here today because my mom was faced with a choice. She had to choose between her daddy and her baby. I was that baby. And I'm so grateful to my mom!”

SATTGAST: Guns and babies. Passionate issues from vocal citizens on Day Nine of the 60-day session.

John Sattgast, Olympia.


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