Rep. Jenny Graham tells KVI’s John Carlson why a convicted killer of three victims should not be paroled

Rep. Jenny Graham, R-Spokane, joins John Carlson on KVI to explain her opposition to parole and possible release of convicted killer Timothy Pauley.

Pauley was convicted in for the deaths of three people during a robbery of the Barn Door Tavern in King County in 1980. Pauley recently appeared before the Washington State Indeterminate Sentence Review Board to plead for his release.

Graham, whose sister was murdered by the Green River Killer, says she met with the family of Pauley's victims โ€” and it was obvious Pauley lied numerous times to the board and never apologized for his or took responsibility for his actions. Graham says its the state's responsibility to keep criminals like Pauley behind bars to ensure safe neighborhoods in Washington.


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